Principle and Director of Shamatha Yoga Studio is certified in several disciplines Kripalu Yoga, Ashtanga (David Swenson), Vinyasa Flow (Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee), Viniyasa (T.K.V. Desikachar), Power Yoga (Baron Baptist, Rodney Yee), with additional certifications from The Yoga Institute of Houston. She has studied cronic disease/yoga with Dr. Herbert Benson at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston. Chris is also a Reiki and Sadja Energy Healer. Her compassion and humor helped to create a spirited, warm and relaxed atmosphere.


Marcela was born and raised in Colombia and came to the United States at age 10 with her family. She has lived ever since in Stamford and went to Pace University where she received her undergraduate degree in International Management. After 8 years of yoga practice, and after facing some personal life challenges in 2014 she decided to leave her corporate life behind and traveled to India to receive her RYT-200H certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa from Samyak Yoga Center located in Dharamsala; the same town where His Holiness the Dalai Lama has his residence. Marcela teaches all levels, her sequences are dedicated to personal transformation, incorporating her Ashtanga lineage practice and offering vigorous yoga flow. She also teaches in Spanish, and offers free community classes in Stamford, CT. She embraces the possibility of finding happiness through the practice of yoga; inviting her students to a self-exploration journey, to be playful, to live with more simplicity, balance and presence. She is grateful for each Ujjayi breath that allows us to reconnect to the inner strength that lives in our soul. 


Sandra strongly supports the yogi's philosophy of seva (selfless service) and notes that in giving back, she receives tenfold. Her service began at In Touch Network in NYC, where she did weekly readings for the blind. She holds two teaching certifications in Hatha and Kundalini yoga, has traveled to India with Gurmukh of Golden Bridge Yoga, and includes Vipassana Meditation as another of her in-depth studies. She shares teachings at women's shelters and youth detention centers across Westchester and has trained and worked as a hospice volunteer. Kundalini yoga, which awakens the awareness that we are all part of one divine energy, has paved the way for her compassionate, open-hearted service. She is eternally grateful for the teachers who have touched her life and the grace to be able to share the practices of uniting body, mind and spirit. 


Leslie spent the first part of her career as a classical theatre performer. Her yoga practice allowed her to sustain a demanding and competitive career.  She firmly believes in the healing and transformative powers of a regular practice.  In class, she encourages students to explore and listen to their inner voice through meditation, deep stretching, playful poses, soul-moving rhythms and inspiring poetry.  She loves beginning and ending her classes with extended stretching while focusing the core of the class on flow.  


Exercise has been a part of Jennifer's life since she was a little girl.  Whether she's skiing in the mountains of Telluride, running or hiking, yoga has always been a part of her daily routine.  Jennifer has a Master’s degree in Elementary and Special Education and owned her own retail store for eleven years. 

After receiving her certificate from Karma Kids, she went on to receive her RYT-200 and is currently pursuing her RYT-300 certificate with Ohra Yoga and Wellness which will total 500+ hours of teacher training. Jennifer has attended workshops with Lara Heimann, Physical Therapist and Master Yoga teacher, Lori McCalister, internationally well-known vinyasa yoga teacher, Dana Slamp, specializing in therapeutic teaching in the spirit of Krishnamacharya. Other workshops included meditation encompassing the mind, body and spirit with Dr. Vijaya Nair, an esteemed physician and researcher.  She has also completed a fourteen hour course that included an understanding of trauma and addiction from a yogic perspective.  

Jennifer is grateful for the passion and enthusiasm received from all her teachers and one of her greatest joys is being able to inspire others to take this journey as well.  Through each experience, each pose and each breath she enjoys the “play” of practice.

The students enjoy her unique style and enthusiasm in teaching our New Revive and Restore class at the studio, offered during lunch hour Tuesdays and Thursdays (11:30am - 12:45pm).