Principle and Director of Shamatha Yoga Studio is certified in several disciplines Kripalu Yoga, Ashtanga (David Swenson), Vinyasa Flow (Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee), Viniyasa (T.K.V. Desikachar), Power Yoga (Baron Baptist, Rodney Yee), with additional certifications from The Yoga Institute of Houston. She has studied cronic disease/yoga with Dr. Herbert Benson at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston. Chris is also a Reiki and Sadja Energy Healer. Her compassion and humor helped to create a spirited, warm and relaxed atmosphere.



Roberto started his fitness career in 1983 training his fellow football players at St. Joseph's high school Trumbull, Connecticut.  His love for fitness led him to receive certifications in Personal training, Reebok power walk instruction, and Street rollerblade instruction.  In 1999 he finished third for Vert ramp in the first extreme game qualifiers in Boston. With the birth of his daughter, Roberto begin focusing on the safer side of fitness teaching martial arts, Qigong and stretching.  Still hungry for more training Bob went on to get his powerhouse Pilates and RTS strength training certifications.  While living on St. John, in the Caribbean, Bob has taught over 1000 yoga-based classes resorts and on the beach. In 2009, he returned home to Connecticut where he received his 200-hour yoga certification at Kripalu. 

After over 20 years of experience, Bob has created a unique methodology that combines the principles of yin and yang yoga to help the mind body and spirit in order to promote long-term health and well-being.