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Shamatha Yoga Studio & Bookstore is dedicated to assist each student on a journey of self-discovery. This is an invitation to explore, transform and create Health, Happiness and Well-Being.  We offer classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga students through a Vinyasa flow style. We also create workshops, special events and invite Health practitioners to share their expertise. All students of all levels are welcomed and invited to explore, challenge, learn to create optimal health and wellness.  We also teach stress management skills, breath awareness and mindfulness in a balanced harmonious environment.

Yoga Flow I - II

Appropriate for beginning students or those looking to try yoga for the first time. Advanced students interested in reviewing the fundamentals are also welcome to join. Classes are taught in a safe environment, empowering students to take charge of their health and wellness through learning breath awareness (pranayama), postures (asanas) relaxation and meditation techniques. Classes are offered in a six week format. We begin with origin, history of yoga, breath awareness, stretching, muscle development (alignment) and postures. Through integration of these fundamental skills we move into a vinyasa flow sequence. Students will be prepared and encouraged to attend other classes.

Vinyasa I - III

This class in an all-level practice. Class can be a vigorous and well-rounded workout, yet appropriate for beginners to advanced practitioners. This well-rounded class features flowing movements, deeper holds, and emphasis on intentional breath, while building strength, flexibility and mindfulness. Variations for greater challenge or ease will be offered.

Revive & Restore 

This class is a mixture of gentle and flow postures, guiding you to build heat, flexibility and strength. Postures maybe held for longer periods of time maintaining focus and good alignment. The last thirty minutes will be structured around healing and rejuvenating through restorative poses and meditation. The poses can physically reduce pain and stress-related diseases. Modifications will be offered making it appropriate for all levels of practice. 

Multi-Level Flow 

This class can be enjoyed by students at any level of experience.  Poses (asanas) are offered with variations and modifications so there is something for each student. Sun Salutations and flowing sequences of asanas change and align with the breath. Expect standing poses, balance poses, inversions – a little bit of everything but moving towards a broader spectrum of poses that may challenge some students. These classes also focus on the relationship between strength and flexibility.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga focuses on awakening the living energy that rests dormant in the base of the spine through specific breathing, movements, stretching, meditation and chanting; all in precise sequence. This ancient and sacred practice was kept secret by advanced yogis until recently because of its power to wake the kundalini and allow for enlightenment in this lifetime. It must be practiced with care and intent. Our Samadhi teacher teach with the utmost integrity and dedication to the practice.                                                               

Intro to Ashtanga Yoga (Primary Series)

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6 Weeks Unlimited Membership

$225.00 + tax

Bring a Friend 6 Weeks Unlimited Membership

$185 + Tax

Drop In Fee

$25 + Tax

Drop in Fee (Students/Seniors)

$20 + TAX

5 Class Package

$95 + Tax (package expires 3 months from the day of purchase)

10 Class Package

$190 + tax (package expires 3 months from the day of purchase)

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