Additional Services Offered at Shamatha

Private Reiki Healing Sessions with Sinda on Massage Table: 60-min. $100

Private LifeCoaching Sessions with Sinda: 60-min. $100

Private HealthCoaching Sessions with Sinda: 60-min. $100

Thai Massage Therapy Sessions with Sinda: 90-minutes: $165

Private Yoga Sessions: 60-min. $150

Private Prenatal Yoga Sessions with Sinda: 60-min. $150

Private Pilates Sessions with Bob: $150

Private Acro Yoga Sessions with Acroduality Partners: Brian & Sinda: 60-min. $150

Private Core Barre Fusion Sessions: 60-min. $150

Private YinYang Yoga Sessions with Bob : 60-min. $150

Corporate Events with Staff: 60-min. $275

Birthday Parties & Special Events- inquire within!