-Where breath is spirit.

Shamatha means dwelling in tranquility or abiding calm.

The studio focuses on mind-body connection through the practice of asanas (physical postures),  

pranayama (breath techniques) and meditation .

 Welcome to Shamatha Yoga Studio. We are a community of seekers!  Where everyone is invited to learn, practice, participate in a journey of self-discovery. This is an  "open" invitation to explore, transform and create health, happiness , and  well-being through the various disciplines of yoga, meditation, breath awareness, mindfulness and spirituality. The teaching styles are eclectic and non-dogmatic.

As the first yoga studio in Stamford, CT, our doors opened on January, 2001 at a time when there were no sanctuariers for healing, renewing and sharing ideas in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Our bookstore provides books for purchase or loners, mala beads, candles, incense, yoga mats and more.

We have a sitting room for relaxing, chatting , meditation or sharing a cup of tea and accruements.


The studio has a massage room and has 1,800 sf  of open practice space.


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